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Innovation in packaging

In this presentation we will see how HP innovation and strategy will contribute to this transformation, why HP is entering into the textiles market and what differential value will be available to customers with new HP tools and technologies. Landa is real and our worldwide customers are producing jobs for their brands. He will discuss the range of benefits that our customers are seeing when allocating jobs to their Landa press instead of to offset or other digital equipment.

Memjet technology platforms enable products from desktop to light production to heavy production — Recent news in advanced thermal inkjet technology Donald Allred, VP Packaging, Memjet. In this talk I will aim to cover the analogue print technologies currently used for corrugated packaging, as well as the inkjet printer architectures which are likely to replace them. I will then examine the sub-market sectors, sizes and trends, as well as the technical challenges and potential solutions. Finally I will present a roadmap for inkjet printers in corrugated.

The primary aim of this talk is to help determine whether the title you see above is a statement or a question. Large Area Electronics LAE is one of the names used for the field of printable, flexible or organic electronics. LAE is a field that is growing but is also one where inkjet has not always been the natural choice of print method.

System Requirements

In this talk we will cover some of the technical demands that LAE printing requires and explain some of the current and potential applications where inkjet is used for the fabrication of large format electronic devices. The number of inkjet patents published worldwide last year was around a month, with HP overtaking Seiko Epson with the most filed. Although the big names dominate the filings, there are a few surprises in the top 20 for Thermal inkjet printhead development continues with some interesting innovations such as ultra low-cost page arrays and recirculation through the actuator chamber.

Digital Printing Solutions and Services

Intermediate transfer architectures are large development projects at Landa Digital and Canon, with both expected to make big announcements and enhancements at Drupa And the spread of inkjet into new applications continues to amaze - with one new product development perhaps an equal to desktop printing in terms of potential reach. Panel Session: Packaging Topics to include:. What is the future of industrial inkjet? Or is it soon to happen? The talk will feature case studies, results from the Future of Inkjet Survey and thoughts, observations and ideas.

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Over the many years of the development and optimisation of inkjet technology for use in single-pass printers, there has been great variety of creative solutions engineered to address the challenges of using inkjet technology successfully in such demanding applications. Implementation of hardware and software solutions to address uniformity and missing jet compensation are key elements to producing a competitive machine. This presentation will discuss some of the approaches taken to meet these challenges.

Panel session: Industrial inkjet - what are the opportunities? Topics to include:.

Digital Printing Solutions and Services

Wide format state of the industry - forecast, trends, and innovations that drive profitable business Eric Zimmerman and Bob Leahey, Keypoint Intelligence-Infotrends. Wide format printing has been embraced by sign, packaging and commercial printers.

Print service providers PSPs now utilise innovative technologies for wide format to expand their offerings and move into new markets. This talk will look at the challenge for inks in packaging, including corrugated, carton and flexible.

Is Digital Packaging a Leap of Faith for Commercial Printers?

The background is the change from analogue to digital, and from other technologies to water-based. Ink is essential to application success, and is ultimately what appeals to end customers, and yet it often seems low down the development food chain. In the meantime, the goal-posts from flexo are changing, and new issues have emerged like sustainability and recyclability. The inkjet community must work together to bring compelling solutions. We will summarise the evolution of inkjet ink technology from energy curing, through hybrid to full water-based solutions. Ideas, insights and trends to help you grow your business and get the most out of your production digital print technology.

Imprimez plus intelligemment. The Xerox Market Segment Series.

Layfield Flexible Packaging Print Technology

Print Providers, Big Opportunities Await. Unwrapping the Benefits of Digital Packaging From shorter runs to increased variations - digital packaging is opening new doors. Direct Mail's Incredible Resurgence If the objective of any marketing effort is to motivate action, printed direct mail is the gold standard.

On-demand business models are now driving new possibilities for digital print in marketing collateral, POS and packaging. Markets are adapting and changing incredibly quickly and printers need to assess where their best opportunity lies. The computer software and games sector are prime examples of how quickly change can occur and the impact it has on print and packaging.

In the case of the gaming industry, the advent of the Internet enabled online downloads and low cost or free apps. Computer software and games programs are generally no longer bought in-store, therefore they are not packaged but simply downloaded from the cloud. Looking ahead and doing the necessary research on your target markets in order to predict triggering events will be critical to long-term success.

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It will also be essential to kill existing products and reinvent them with new applications before they either become commodities or disappear due to new consumer preferences or the introduction of new enabling technology. This constant evolution of products and business models is going to increase the use of digital printing exponentially. Is it realistic to expect the average commercial printer to compete in such an unfamiliar market as packaging?

Digitally printed packaging is probably the most talked about market opportunity but has the lowest uptake. Firstly, we need to qualify what we mean by the digital packaging opportunity. The digital packaging opportunity does not and probably never will include the majority of fast-moving consumer goods packaging found in high street supermarkets due to the enormous volume requirements, the wide variety of format sizes and substrates being used.

However, there is a vast array of packaging applications where digital printing can be more successfully used than the traditional print on packaging processes of offset, gravure, and flexography. Segments like pharmaceutical and cosmetics generate large volumes of high value, short-run products. A lot of these products also require quick turnaround and the use of variable data for language and ingredient changes as well as anti-counterfeiting applications for brand protection, which make them perfectly suited for digital printing.

Digital print has played a part in the packaging supply chain for many years, but it has always been on the periphery for proofing, prototypes and sales samples.