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Our Reality Could Be a “Hologram” Created by Quantum Physics

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Holography - GEOLA

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In this animation, we display objects that become focused at different distances from the CCD. Watch the slider at bottom, indicating distance from one window of the plane where the image is reconstructed. Different objects come into focus as the slider advances.

Physics of Holography lecture by Pete Rogina

Their location is indicated by heavy arrow from the figure title. Axes are in microns. This is done via digital processing. The reconstruction essentially focuses particles at different distances from the imaging sensor.

In-Line Holography Introduction

In the case of our LISST-Holo2, the laser beam between glass windows is 5 cm long, and particles are reconstructed at 50 planes normal to the laser beam , each 0. The reconstruction software is provided. Holography is data intensive.

Continuous-wave laser holography

Second, each part of a system oscillates at its own frequency, but all of these frequencies average out, creating a system-wide frequency. The researchers were able to sufficiently randomize the phases of each plate, eliminating any cross-talk between them.

Therefore, the light emitting from one plate did not interfere with the light from other plates, creating a crisp, detailed 3D image. Such detailed 3D holograms can be used in virtually every field, although the researchers believe the most immediate uses will be in medicine and aviation. Engineers will be able to use detailed holograms to design and repair aircrafts.

Although it may still be a few years away, once this groundbreaking technique becomes commercially available, it will certainly be a turning point, similar to how x-rays revolutionized medicine. All Rights Reserved.

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