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So what's going on in this poem?

The Iliad – Homer – Poem: Story, Summary & Analysis

Paris steals another man's wife, and the Greeks and Trojans go to war. We meet up with everyone when the war has been raging for ten whole years, and everyone is more than a little punch-drunk and acting badly. And we mean everyone—famous heroes like Achilles are insane with blood-lust.

Agamemnon is throwing his weight around. Hector is ignoring omens a big no-no in mythology. And the gods are drugging each other, seducing each other, moping about lackluster offerings from the mortals, and basically presiding over this bloody battle as if it were a game of foosball.

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First making its appearance in scroll-format around the 8th century B. How did this happen? The fact is that, even though the Iliad stands at the beginning of one tradition— the written tradition—it also comes at the end of an entirely different tradition. One way of thinking about Homer's Iliad is as a survivor of a form of purely oral poetry passed down from generation to generation without ever being written down.

Embarking on an epic: Homer's Iliad for February's Reading group

Except, of course, nobody knows anything about who Homer was —though, of course, there are plenty of theories. But no matter what your theory about the author is, one fact that everyone agrees on is the true genius and artistry of the Homeric poems. And everyone agrees that the whacked-out madness that is the Iliad is eloquent, disturbing, transcendent and completely bonkers. Why should you care? Oh, you mean, besides the fact that the Iliad is pretty much the most famous work of fiction ever written?

If that doesn't satisfy you, Shmoopers, maybe this will: the Iliad is the basis of—and the model for—every kind of war narrative, action movie, superhero comic, and adventure saga that has come after it. You want large scale clashing armies? Achaians and Trojans battle over Patroklos body Hektor dons Achilles armor with gods.

Achilles Thetis and seanymphs lament the heroes death Achilles resales Patroklos body. Receiving the arms Achilles renounces his wrath Agamemnon blames Delusion which harms. Without any gods the battle continues Agamemnon kills Adrestos Diomedes and Glankos talk. Hektor challenges the Achaian lords Agamemnon restrains Meneldos Ajax is chosen the fight. Zeus keeps the gods away the Achaians flee the Trojans attack but defend the wall Hera.

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At a night council the Achaians dispatch spies Diomedes and Odysseus echo capture and hill. Zeus sends the gods to aid both sides Achilles speaks and fights with Aineias whom Poseidon.

Achilles kills many men in the river who begs him to stop then threatens Hera sends. His parents beg Hektor to come in Hektor refuses Achilles chases him Athena deceives.

The Iliad by Homer - Free Ebook

List of Proper Names in the Iliad. Pickard , V. Dolenc , C. Di Rocco , R. Fahlbusch , J. Lobo Antunes , M. Sindou , N. Tulleken , M. Singing the Iliad.

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Book V: The exploits of Diomed. Book VI: Hector and Andromache. Book IX: The embassy to Achilles. Book X: Ulysses and Diomed go out as spies. Book XI: Agamemnon's day of glory. Book XIV: Agamemnon proposes retreat. Book XV: Apollo heals Hector.