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Travel directions and local accomodations can be found in the ATI website. Title: Advanced analytics to capture the full value of demand response and energy flexibility in industrial sites. Title: New problems in energy optimization: the Consultant-working-in-power-markets perspective. Title: Traditionnal and new optimisation problems regarding energy management at EDF.

Title: Total waste water treatment network design and operation optimization in oil refinery plants.

Authors: R. Bellido Iberdrola , A. Rivier, J.

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Garcia-Gonzalez, J. Latorre Univ. Speeding up the engineering process with more automated model generation and model transformations and by enabling automatic path for design information and simulation models to the systems used in plant operation; 2.

Increasing the quality of engineering with model-based verification, validation and testing; 3. Establishing interoperability through key-technology standards; 4. Validating the results using industrial applications. COREALIS proposes a strategic, innovative framework, supported by disruptive technologies, including Internet of Things IoT , data analytics, next generation traffic management and emerging 5G networks, for cargo ports to handle upcoming and future capacity, traffic, efficiency and environmental challenges. The proposed beyond state of the art innovations, target to increase efficiency and optimize land use, while being financially viable, respecting circular economy principles and being of service to the urban environment.

The main objective of the Spine project is to develop and validate an end-to-end energy modelling toolbox that will enable open, practical, flexible and realistic planning of future European energy grids.

The Spine Toolbox will have partially automated data retrieval and validation of both input and output data, enabling users to focus on core modelling tasks. These features will make Spine Toolbox state-of-the-art in energy system modelling, and allow grid operators, energy producers and researchers to carry out analyses that are not possible with current modelling systems. Final aim is to define, design and implement a concept that merges existing industrial control systems with new efficient data management and optimisation methods, and provides means to monitor and control large industrial production processes.

The COCOP concept can be applied to any large industrial production site, but the project will demonstrate the concept on two pilot cases copper and steel manufacturing process and analyse the transferability to other two sectors: the chemical and water treatment processing. The use of the solution of the project will allow plant operators to approach optimal production and result in reduced operation costs, reduced energy and resource consumption, and decreased on-site material handling time and greenhouse gas emissions.

The CITYOPT project will create a set of applications and related guidelines that support planning, detailed design and operation of energy systems in urban districts.

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The building of CITYOPT applications will rely on many re-usable component models that are available from existing simulation software libraries. The goal of C2NET Project is the creation of cloud-enabled tools for supporting the supply network optimization of manufacturing and logistic assets based on collaborative demand, production and delivery plans.

C2NET Project will provide a scalable real-time architecture, platform and software to allow the supply network partners: to master complexity and data security of the supply network, to store product, process and logistic data, to optimize the manufacturing assets by the collaborative computation of production plans, to optimize the logistics assets through efficient delivery plans and to render the complete set of supply chain management information on the any digital mobile device PC, tablets, smartphones, … of decision makers enabling them to monitor, visualize, control, share and collaborate.

The project goal is to develop customer driven value chains and wood raw material allocation system by implementing smart bucking center for stems.

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Smart industry. Industrial internet. Industrial Optimization. Practical problem solving with mathematical optimization.

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Page Image. Page Content. Some of the research topics close to our heart are Fast and agile ways to develop and maintain optimization models and algorithms Combining Big Data and optimization The role of increasingly cheap cloud computing in optimization We encourage you to contact us. You may, for example, be interested in discussing How we can help your company to work more efficiently How we can use our scientific and practical competence in joint research activities.

SPINE - open Source modelling Platform for INtegrated Energy systems (SPINE)


Asuman Ozdaglar 2 Developing Algorithms for Solving Convex Optimization Problems

We participate currently in the following projects: INTENS INTENS is a VTT-coordinated Finnish research-industry collaborative consortium striving to proactively advance, promote and digitalize Finnish marine industries and beyond, specially focusing on energy efficiency improvement and emissions reduction of ship energy systems.

More information: Not yet available Engineering Rulez The project will improve the plant engineering process efficiency and quality and thus ensure Finnish competitiveness in global process industry investment projects. Project website: Not available. HTML 5.

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