The Development of Expressive Behavior. Biology-Environment Interactions

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Biological Psychology Chapter 2 Lecture

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  7. Biological Psychology – Introduction to Psychology – 1st Canadian Edition!
  8. The following are just a few of the career specializations that are related to biopsychology:. Comparative Psychologist: Looks at the behaviors of different species and compares them to each other and to humans.

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    Evolutionary Psychologist: Examines the evolutionary bases of behavior. Behavioral Neuroscientist: Analyzes how the brain, nervous system, and other organs impact behavior. Neurologist: Treats patients with damage or disease that affects the brain and nervous system.

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    Cognitive Neuroscientist: Investigate brain activity and scans to research how people think, learn, and solve problems. A Word From Verywell.

    Understanding the effects of education through the lens of biology

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    Article Sources. Kalat, JW. Biological Psychology. New York: Worth Publishers; Continue Reading. Structure and Function of the Central Nervous System. Brain Anatomy Lobes, Structures, and Functions. How Acetylcholine Functions in the Body. What the Biological Perspective Means in Psychology.

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