The Moscow Art Theatre (Theatre Production Studies)

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Finding Your Voice. Barbara Houseman. Not My Father's Son. Alan Cumming. Your review has been submitted successfully. To get such tickets, plan well in advance, be online as soon as tickets go on sale two months before performance , and plan to pay heavily. It still features Bolshoi dancers, musicians, and singers. You might also look for smaller shows, concerts, or traveling shows that occur on the Bolshoi main stage which also tend to be cheaper than headliner productions.

See Bolshoi. For a great ballet experience without the headache and expenses of the Bolshoi, try the Kremlin Palace, which is actually inside the Kremlin Walls. The location is facinating and the performances themselves are also competitive with the Bolshoi in terms of quality and production values. See Kremlinpalace. For this reason, the theater is something of a mecca for theater practitioners.

Incidentally, the theater is named for Chekhov because this is where he got his start as a successful playwright with The Seagull. There is another Moscow Art Theater named for M. Gorky that is known for keeping alive the practices of Socialist Realism. See MXAT. In some shows, you might watch one man perform perhaps 12 roles, some himself, some with puppets he controls. The evening productions can be very serious and even racy and are generally incredible. See Puppet. This creative, well-funded dance company puts on one of the best shows in Moscow.

Moscow Art Theatre

Complete with laser shows, image projections, and strikingly beautiful sets and costumes, this show comes highly recommended. It has managed to gain such a reputation, that it gained funding to build its own theatre, The Russian National Folk Theatre, and move there from its former stomping grounds on a stage inside the Cosmos Hotel.

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  6. The Folk Theater offers a range of other productions, but the Russian National Show is really the one you want. See NationalRussianShow. In the s, it became one of the first Moscow theaters to gain a reputation for truely high quality productions of previously censored art.